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** Cella & Associates les recuerda a nuestros clientes y posibles clientes que continuamos ofreciendo consultas confidenciales a través de Skype, WhatsApp y teléfono, y alentamos a programar dichas reuniones para aquellos que se sienten incómodos aventurándose hasta el momento en que nuestra situación de salud actual se resuelva. Para programar una consulta, llámenos sin cargo al 877.583.7080.




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Abogados de inmigración con experiencia

Con dos oficinas en Nueva Jersey y una en Aventura, Forida, Cella & Associates ha representado a clientes corporativos e indivudales tanto en el país como en el extranjero desde 1993.

Asumimos todos los casos de inmigración, incluidos:

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Póngase en contacto con CELLA & ASSOCIATES, LLC hoy para programar una consulta confidencial en persona, telefónica, por Skype o WhatsApp con un abogado de inmigración con experiencia. Llamada nacional gratuita: 877.583.7080;

* CELLA & ASSOCIATES tiene abogados y profesionales legales que dominan el albanés, checo, inglés, italiano, mandarín, portugués, ruso, eslovaco y español.

La opinion de nuestros clientes


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ruth rodriguez

ruth rodriguez

a month ago
My husband and I are grateful for Mr. Cella and his staff. We can finally take a deep breath and celebrate my husband's legal status. Although it took a while and after so many case workers, he finally has his residency, which is what matters. He wouldn't have his green card without Mr. Cella or his staff's help. So thank you. We highly recommend his office.
Jay Robles

Jay Robles

3 months ago
Amazing and professional lawyers! I was concerned with my fiance's petition, but thanks to their knowledge and experience my case turned out faster and better than I expected! I truly am grateful to the entire staff and especially Isamar????
Iryna Muryn

Iryna Muryn

4 months ago
I would like to thank CELLA & ASSOCIATES for their professionalism and legal help. They were assisting me with my immigration case and it was such a pleasure working with them. They were very organized and quick in preparing the paperwork. I would highly suggest CELLA & ASSOCIATES for everyone who needs immigration help! Additionally I would like to thank my case managers. They're the best!!!
Norma Gallardo

Norma Gallardo

4 months ago
A friend recommended them to us so we went in to give them a try. From the very beginning they treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism. It really showed that they care with their time and dedication to our case from beginning to end. At every step of the process they kept us informed and explain everything step by step. Our account rep was Ranya and she did an amazing job helping us in every way possible. We could not be happier with the results. Totally recommend them for any of your immigration needs. Truly caring and professional individuals at every level all the way! ????

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