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Cella & Associates represents clients with respect to their immigration matters in 50 states and abroad. State law practice is limited to the States of New York and New Jersey.

Having practiced US immigration law for more than 20 years Cella & Associates, LLC, (C&A), understands your immigration  matters. Dedicated to providing the finest representation in all aspects immigration law, over the decades we have learned that our clients' immigration status bears directly upon all other legal matters their lives.

 For example, as immigrants are often entrepreneurial, forming and operating businesses in large numbers, C&A provides legal services in such immigration-related areas as business formation, contracts and international transactions, pre- and post-immigration asset protection, and patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Family matters often present issues unique to immigrants, such as international adoptions and divorces; the role of Sharia and/or Nikinamas in US divorces, annulments, support, international child custody and abductions under the Hague Convention and otherwise; and domestic violence and its effect on immigration status.

Moreover, often immigrants working in the USA who are injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident, are  too afraid to file a worker's compensation or personal injury claim due to their immigration status. Such individuals need not give up their rights. Rather they need competent legal representation from lawyers who are not only knowledgeable in Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury law, but also well-versed in U.S. Immigration Law.

Perhaps the area most significantly affected by immigration is criminal defense. Frequently, permanent residents and undocumented aliens, who are charged with relatively small criminal offenses, find themselves being deported because their criminal defense lawyers were not aware of the immigration consequences of the plea bargains made.

At Cella & Associates, LLC each attorney has a deep understanding of immigration law and is deeply aware of how much it matters in all aspects of our clients' lives.


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