By: Joseph G. Cella, Esq.

As of October 1, 2015, U.S. employers will no longer be required to pay additional filing fee of either $2,000 (H-1B) or $2,250 (L-1) mandated by Public Law 111-230.

Signed by President Obama on August 13, 2010, the Law requires the submission of an additional fee of $2,000 for certain H-1B petitions and $2,250 for certain L-1A and L-1B petitions. The fee increase took effect on August 14,2010. 

The additional fee applies to H-1B or L-1 petitioners that employ 50 or more employees in the United States with more than 50 percent of their employees in the United States in H-1B, L-1A or L-1B nonimmigrant status. 

The law was scheduled to expire on September 30, 2014. However, Congress passed Public Law 111-327 to extend the expiration date of this law to September 30, 2015. 

Following is the new breakdown of H-1B visa filing fees:

Basic Fee $325
USCIS Anti Fraud Fee $500
ACWIA Education and Training Fee $750 ( For employers less than 25 employees) 
$1500 (For employees more than 25 employees)
XX P.L. 111-230 Fee (NO MORE) $2,000 (NO MORE) XX
Premium Processing Fee(Optional) $1,225

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