The following is a synopsis of an actual Cancellation of Removal for Certain Non-permanent Resident case which was successfully handled by Cella & Associates, LLC.
Case details:
• Respondent is from Mexico and entered the U.S. without a Visa in 2004.
• Respondent has accurately declared taxes since 2004.
• Respondent received charity care from 2004-2008.
• Respondent has no children.
• Respondent’s U.S.citizen husband is recipient of public benefits such as Medicaid and Food Stamps from 2014-2017.
• Respondent’s husband has been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, he was hit by a falling light post and this incident left him permanently disabled.
At the hearing, based on the evidence on file, it was proven that Respondent’s husband would likely suffer exceptional and extremely unusual hardship if the Respondent is to be ordered removed from the United States.
Cella & Associates prevailed in this Cancellation of Removal case due to teamwork, the client’s timely cooperation and the team’s thorough knowledge of the subject matter.
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**Cella & Associates will not prosecute cases which we know, or have reason to believe, are fraudulent or frivolous.
Joseph G. Cella, Esq. is the managing founder of Cella & Associates, LLC. During his nearly 30 years of practicing Immigration Law, Mr. Cella has been published in the New Jersey Law Journal, and has authored many articles on Immigration Law. Mr. Cella has also lectured on numerous topics of immigration law for a number of organizations including the Federal Bar Association.
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