September 27, 2013- Newark, New Jersey:

Cella & Associates is proud to announce that an Asylum was granted for a Mexican National who entered the United States in 1989. This individual had assisted in conducting numerous investigations which ranged from violations of the NJ Prostitution laws to several investigations pertaining to the sale, manufacture, and distribution of fraudulent government documents. As a result of these investigations 20-30 subjects were arrested and convicted, including several Mexican gang members. Because of his humanitarian efforts to alleviate crime in the state of NJ the Asylum office found that he had a credible fear of returning back to his home country of Mexico. Now this Mexican National, who has been living undocumented for over 14 years in the United States will be issued an Employment Authorization Card. After one year he will be able to apply for his Adjustment of Status, providing him with a Green card ( permanent resident status). His wife, a Mexican National, who through our office has already received Deferred Enforcement under the New Immigration Law known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ( DACA) or the “Dream Act”, will also derivatively be able to obtain her Green card based on the winning of her husband’s asylum.

This Mexican National no longer has to worry about his lack of status in the United States and soon both he and his wife will be able to travel outside of the United States together.

Asylum is granted to people who come to the United States seeking protection because they have suffered persecution or fear they will suffer persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Generally, an Asylum should be filed within one year of entry into the United States. However, 13 years after being undocumented our client came into one of our offices and is now on his way to obtaining a Green Card based on the successful Asylum application filed by Cella & Associates, LLC.

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