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How To Get A Green Card

Like many other countries in the world, the United States has legal  guidelines to which interested aliens must adhere in order to work and reside within its borders. In one way or another, such persons will be required to apply for lawful permanent residence status, a “green card”, (or an immigrant visa) when they are ready to make it official. The process is usually complex and  the paperwork and interview process needs to be handled in a precise manner. For this reason, it makes sense to acquire experienced assistance.

The Basics 

There are a number of categories by which individuals may seek green cards. One option is by having an immediate relative, “parent, spouse, sibling, or adult child”, with a green card or U.S. Citizenship petition for legal status for the alien. Depending upon the relationship and immigration status of the petitioner, as well as the nationality of the alien, the process can take from several months to many years, and can be extremely complicated. That is why it is always advisable to retain an experienced immigration attorney to guide you through your particular process.

Another way by which an alien may secure a green card in the United States is through an offer of employment under a process known as PERM. To get a green card under PERM requires the alien to have a job offer from a U.S. employer, at the prevailing wage, which must establish through the  Department of Labor, “DOL”, that there are no Americans willing and able to fill the job offered at the prevailing rate of pay. Once the DOL certifies the application, an employment petition is filed with the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, “USCIS”. The PERM or labor certification process is extremely complicated and requires meticulous recruitment and record keeping, and  should never be attempted without an immigration attorney.

Under something know as the EB-5 program or “investment visa”, an alien investor can get green cards for himself and his immediate family by investing either $500,000. or $1,000,000.00 in a United States business or “regional center. Initially the investor and his family will receive a conditional green card for two years, and then may apply for a permanent green card.

Aliens in the United States seeking refuge from persecution in their country of origin, may get green cards through applying for political asylum. To be successful in an asylum application, a person must show that their is a reasonable possibility that he or she will be persecuted in his or her country of origin on the basis of race, region, membership in a particular social group, political opinion, and/or nationality. Once that person established that, he or she will receive permission to work through an employment authorization card, “EAD”, for one year, at the end of which he or she may apply for a green card.

Although there are several other means by which an individual may get a green card, such as cancellation of removal and the Cuban Adjustment Act to name a couple, only the basics have been addressed here. However, as immigration law is recognized as being the most complex body of law in the United States, it is very important that anyone seeking to legalize in the United States start by having a consultation with with an experienced immigration attorney, or “green card lawyer”.

How To Choose the Right Immigration lawyer?

Certainly there are many green card lawyers in the South Florida Miami area, as there are many immigration lawyers in every major city, and deciding which one to retain may be difficult. In choosing which lawyer to work with, seek references from friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Looking online for reviews of the attorney(s) in whom you may be interested can also be helpful. Also, look for that attorney’s membership in such organizations as the American Immigration Lawyers Association, “AILA”, and the Federal Bar Association, “FBA”. Review the attorneys’ website(s) and see if that attorney specializes in immigration law or is more of a “jack of all trades, master of none”. Finally, don’t limit yourself to having a consultation with only one immigration lawyer. A good green card lawyer will be able to analyze your facts and come up with a plan by which the you may be able to qualify for a green card. That attorney should also be able to give reasonable estimates of the time-frames and costs involved, as well as the probability of success.

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