Summarized from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph By Charles Booth
Senator Manchin wants the 2013 Immigration Bill, that the House previously killed, to be reconsidered for implementation. The $42 billion bill contains a variety of focus points surrounding immigration including:
· Construction of 900 miles of strategically located sections of the Wall along with increased security at ports of entry
· More thorough vetting at ports of entry
· An immigration pathway for those here illegally
· Protection for DACA
· All who cross the border illegally would be sent to ports of entry for processing and fines would be assessed on those who illegally access the US. Also proposed is the issuance of numbers, similar to social security numbers, for tracking persons after being moved to the back of the line for citizenship processing
· Immigrants would be required to learn English, get jobs and pay taxes. Those with criminal records would be expelled immediately
Manchin maintains that the 2013 bill was the best immigration bill that has ever been put forward. Originally the Senate passed the bill with the House rejecting it.