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"Cella & Associates: A great family to rely on "

People say the first impression is the one that is worth the most and it is definitely true. I will try to explain my case as brief as possible but without omitting the importance of having been represented by Cella & Associates. In August of 2017 we went to the interview so that my husband could adjust his status and become a legal resident of this country, but unfortunately due to an error made at the time of filling out his application for the tourist visa, we caused his case to go to an attempt to revoke the request for adjustment of status. We decided to visit several lawyers but none of them showed that they could solve the inconvenience at that moment, finally we came to Mr. Cella's law firm, and the first impression when talking to him and his group of assistants was: (this lawyer and his staff will win my case). They are competitive, dedicated, positive, organized, but most importantly with a human warmth. From the beginning they made us feel like part of the family, and I say family because it is the reality, they are people willing to give everything to achieve the goal they assure: TO WIN YOUR CASE. I especially want to thank Attorney Katrina Long who knew how to handle our case and all the time was willing to help us regardless of the language barrier. Lastly, we want to publicly thank Dr. Katrina long and Dr. Cella for their great job. You two are and will always be an important part of our lives because we owe them the legal stay in this country. If you have an immigration case that you think has no solution, it is the time for you to visit Cella & Associates because they make the impossible possible. Cella & Associates" - Alexander D. Immigration Client, NJ

"I can not recommend Mr Cella highly enough! "

"To begin with, our review comes 5 months late. Mr Cella is a true professional and Five Stars Lawyer! He and his staff had incredible patience with me and my wife. It was quite complicated removal of conditions case, and I was at the point where I worried so much that I *really* started losing my marbles. Mr Cella took our case and handled it with exceptional integrity and professionalism. Challenging case? His attitude was: Bring it on! And so it happened, our case got approved in less than a month! What a joyful day it was when we got that approval letter! His office is a bit retro, but I will tell you this: Behind the walls of that office is an experienced knowledgeable lawyer who will fight for you and will Make Things Happen! I can not recommend Mr Cella highly enough! May God Bless You. " - Immigration Client.

"Highly recommend!"

"Katarina  Long is an outstanding lawyer with excellent communication skills, superior immigration law knowledge. She was very efficient and detail oriented, professional and extremely thorough in her preparation, and did a great job of keeping me informed. Always was very prompt on getting back to me with questions I’ve had (and there was a lot). She fourth very hard for my case and was very supportive through a highly emotional and stressful time. She found the way to solve my case while other lawyers gave me no hopes, no options. She has a depth of knowledge about every aspect of immigration law that is only matched by her very pleasant demeanor. She makes sure that you are informed about every option available to you. She really took my case seriously. Katarina is true professional, very helpful and attentive to my needs and will fight for what is right. It has been a pleasure working with her. Highly recommend!"  Austin Korsakaite - Immigration Client, MA

" Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence"

"I had an amazing experience with Mr. Cella! He did a great job helping me to go through all the difficulties of my case and actually winning it! He is very honest, patient and professional! I am so glad I met the right person who could help me with all my immigration problems .Thank you so much for all the work you have done for me! I am defenetly recommending Mr. Joseph Cella! A gear lawyer and a great person!!!"  Anna Skryabina - Immigration Client, FL

"I would like to thank Stephanie and her paralegal Sofia for all the help they have offered my husband and I. Your office has not only helped us but has also treated us as if we were family.  I appreciate all the time you have taken on various occasions to answer any of our questions and guide us through such an awful time which is now behind us all thanks to your help."  Julio A DislaImmigration Client, NJ


"I went to Mr. Cella to see if he could help me with my I-130 case. Every lawyer I went to before him told me that my case was hopeless. My husband was engaged to a girl before me and USCIS charged him with marriage fraud. The marriage fraud accusation caused for them to initially deny my case. To be very honest, I had very little hope that we would have an approved I-130 by Decemeber 2015 ( I was very happy to hear the good news!). At this time, we are hoping that the visa center will approve the case and he will be here by the summer. Not only is Mr. Cella and his caseworker, Sofia are great resources in regards to immigration issues but they have outstanding customer service. I remember Mr. Cella sitting me down and having an honest talk about the process of my case and the possible outcomes. He promised to try his very best and that is exactly what he did. If you are really looking for honesty, integrity, and humility, Mr. Cella and his team are the people to go to." Immigration ClientNJ.

"Professional and honest!"

"In 2015 I hired Mr. Cella and his firm to obtain L1-A visa. I was happy when he gave me a competitive and very reasonable price for my case including my family. I was impressed with the service this company provides. Mr. Cella and his team are hard working, responsive and professional people. Especially i want to thank his employee Tatyana Meerson, who was in touch with me all the time through the process and was kind and patient in spite of me being nervous time to time. It was very important to me that there was a Russian speaking employee which helped me stayed informed and understand the whole process of my case. My case was successfully approved. I got my visa for three years! I'm now in Miami Florida with my family!" George (Sergey) Petrushin - Immigration Client

"Best Lawyer

He is the best lawyer around for any complicated case. My life was in chaos for 7 years going from one bad lawyer after another. Finally, I found Joseph. He resolved my case within a year. Best around New Jersey and New York!"  Immigration client

"Exceptionally professional!"

Words cannot describe how grateful I am towards Mr.Cella and Sofia Montes! They showed the highest level of professionalism, commitment and I am infinitely happy to have entrusted them with my case. I would strongly recommend Mr. Cella's expertise to anyone facing immigration issues. Anastasia - Immigration client

"Phenomenal Lawyer!"

Honestly, if it wasn't for Mr. Cella, I would probably still be dreaming about my green card. He is truly a phenomenal lawyer that worked better than anyone I have ever worked with. I had two negative experiences with immigration lawyers before (one that was stealing my money!!!) But you can trust Mr. Cella and you can most definitely expect positive results. Anurb - Immigration client

"Great Professional!"

Great professional! He is very knowledgeable. He knows what he's doing. He gave me a lot of options on my case." Bayana - Immigration Client 

"Professional !!"

*The team at Cella & Associates are professional and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the guidance and professional assistance that Mr. Cella and his team provided to me. I highly recommend Joseph Cella. His years of experience and hard work certainly goes a long way...."  Immigration Client

"Trust Professionals who Care"

"I am extremely grateful for Cella Law associates, and especially for Joseph Cella, for helping me get the Green card. I met Mr. Cella a few years ago right when I was looking for a good immigration attorney to help me resolve my immigration status. High professionalism, extensive experience, and constant support of Joseph Cella helped me gain my permanent residency in a short period of time. I didn't have enough of supporting documents, which caused a great deal of worrying on my part. However, Mr. Cella's expertise made the entire process in the most efficient way. He was always there with the word of support and encouragement. He would always say: "Nothing to worry about. You will be approved!" Sure enough, I got approved. A month ago, I received my10-year green card. I highly recommend Cella Associates. Work with professionals who care about their clients! Thank you again, Mr. Cella"  Anna Trishch - Immigration client, Miami, FL

"My lawyer.. my angel"

"A week ago I was in New Jersey and I had the opportunity to meet Stephanie Cangialosi, a lawyer who works in Cella Associates. She took my case because seven months ago, my son's father left my country, Peru, taking with him my baby, with false documents to the United States. After meeting her, I realized that there is divine justice and God put in my way to this professional in every sense of the word. I was able to check their identification and full dedication to my case, working without sparing the time, as if she was really going through my suffering. Now I thank heaven for having this angel on my way. I'm pretty sure she will recover and bring my baby back to my country, again." Jenny M. O., an International Child Abduction/Custody Client – Arequipa, Peru

 "Attorney Joseph Cella took my immigration case in September 2013 after I was denied the removal of my conditional status by Newark N.J. Immigration Office. Officer implied that my wife and I were not a real couple, and that our marriage was fake which was not true! We heard many positive opinions about Cella and Associates Law Firm and we decided to hire them. My wife and I had a conversation with Mr. Cella after which ,he assured us that "Everything is going to be alright , and not to worry". 
Six months later I am a permanent resident of the United States. 
Mr. Cella is a man of his word, and I would recommend his law firm to anyone with immigration issues." Dawid J. -  Immigration client.

"I was recommended to Joseph Cella and found out that he is very hard-working attorney, dedicated to me and I'm sure all of his clients. You can tell he enjoys what he does and strives for the best. Joseph is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney. If it wasn't for him, I don't know what I would've done without him. Fees were also reasonable. I can't thank him enough and I definitely would recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Joseph."  Domestic Violence client

"Six years ago, I was facing deportation and desperately was searching for an attorney who would take my hopeless case. Numerous lawyers were not able to help me. I came to the Mr. Cella’s office preparing for the worst. Instead, he meticulously reviewed my case and agreed to work on it. As we were proceeding step by step, I found Mr. Cella to be exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. He is passionate and successful at the most difficult situations. For the six year period, he never missed any immigration appointment, was never late, and never filled out any paperwork incorrectly. He maintained excellent communication and was always supportive. His personality is bright, and he has an outstanding sense of humor. Mr. Cella is one of the most experienced and honest immigration attorneys. His reputation is great, and he is highly respected by colleagues and immigration judges. It was a long way from devastation to a Green Card status achievement. Every step was explained in detail, perfectly prepared and finalized with an anticipated outcome. Mr.Cella has performed an incredible job. 
My entire family became permanent residents with Mr. Cella’s help. 
Without reservation, I would recommend Mr. Cella to anyone who is straggling with an immigration issues."  Svetlana - Immigration Client

"Joseph Cella has been very helpful in preparing my paperwork for immigration service. I valued the most his professionalism, profound knowledge and experience."  Anna T.- Miami, FL 

"As an emigrant from eastern Europe with no one to ask for help and listening people talking about their cases, I have regret that I haven't gone to Joseph Cella law office as soon as I came to United States. Very professional and effective and more important understands people and their trouble and cause of that you can expect that he will give his best. I recommend Joseph Cella Law Office to everybody to go and talk to him as soon as possible!! He is very flexible with charging people for his help. Before Cella I have gone to few lawyers offices for consultations and it was just wasting time. I went to Cella's office after a recommendation. All the best!!"  Nemanja - Immigration client

"I have had issues with losing my Green Card due to prolonged (more than one year) absence from US. Mr. Cella has advised me on how to proceed, and afterwards they have helped me assemble the application package for return resident visa very rapidly. 15 days after filing my application I have already been appointed an interview in the consulate, and less than a month after filing everything my application was approved (it usually takes 3 months - that's at least what the website says). My return resident status was approved, and i was issued a new immigration visa. So with help of Mr. Cella and also his very helpful associates everything went smoothly and rapidly, and i have saved myself from stress because i felt my case was handled by professionals." Dr. A.B. - Munich, Germany

"Undoubtedly one of the most experienced, professional and honest immigration law firms. After having unfortunate experience with other immigration attorneys, I was very lucky to meet Mr. Cella who successfully handled my case from A to Z. During the years of being Mr. Cella's client I could always count on his professionalism, responsiveness, and thorough and clear advice. I am very grateful for his services and I would highly recommend him." A.M. - Edgewater, NJ

"Mr. Cella is a great lawyer who has an amazing way of thinking and uses his intelligence and charisma into every case he represents. He is a genuinely nice man who is an amazing lawyer. I have recommended him to friends and will always." Immigration client

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