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“Cella & Associates: A great family to rely on “

People say the first impression is the one that is worth the most and it is definitely true. I will try to explain my case as brief as possible but without omitting the importance of having been represented by Cella & Associates. In August of 2017 we went to the interview so that my husband could adjust his status and become a legal resident of this country, but unfortunately due to an error made at the time of filling out his application for the tourist visa, we caused his case to go to an attempt to revoke the request for adjustment of status. We decided to visit several lawyers but none of them showed that they could solve the inconvenience at that moment, finally we came to Mr. Cella's law firm, and the first impression when talking to him and his group of assistants was: (this lawyer and his staff will win my case). They are competitive, dedicated, positive, organized, but most importantly with a human warmth. From the beginning they made us feel like part of the family, and I say family because it is the reality, they are people willing to give everything to achieve the goal they assure: TO WIN YOUR CASE. I especially want to thank Attorney Katrina Long who knew how to handle our case and all the time was willing to help us regardless of the language barrier. Lastly, we want to publicly thank Dr. Katrina long and Dr. Cella for their great job. You two are and will always be an important part of our lives because we owe them the legal stay in this country. If you have an immigration case that you think has no solution, it is the time for you to visit Cella & Associates because they make the impossible possible. Cella & Associates"

Alexander D. -

Immigration Client, NJ

“I can not recommend Mr Cella highly enough! “

"To begin with, our review comes 5 months late. Mr Cella is a true professional and Five Stars Lawyer! He and his staff had incredible patience with me and my wife. It was quite complicated removal of conditions case, and I was at the point where I worried so much that I *really* started losing my marbles. Mr Cella took our case and handled it with exceptional integrity and professionalism. Challenging case? His attitude was: Bring it on! And so it happened, our case got approved in less than a month! What a joyful day it was when we got that approval letter! His office is a bit retro, but I will tell you this: Behind the walls of that office is an experienced knowledgeable lawyer who will fight for you and will Make Things Happen! I can not recommend Mr Cella highly enough! May God Bless You. "


Immigration Client.

” Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence”

"I had an amazing experience with Mr. Cella! He did a great job helping me to go through all the difficulties of my case and actually winning it! He is very honest, patient and professional! I am so glad I met the right person who could help me with all my immigration problems .Thank you so much for all the work you have done for me! I am defenetly recommending Mr. Joseph Cella! A gear lawyer and a great person!!!"

Anna Skryabina -

Immigration Client, FL

” Removal of Conditions on Permanent Residence”

"I would like to thank Stephanie and her paralegal Sofia for all the help they have offered my husband and I. Your office has not only helped us but has also treated us as if we were family. I appreciate all the time you have taken on various occasions to answer any of our questions and guide us through such an awful time which is now behind us all thanks to your help."

Julio A Disla -

Immigration Client, NJ


"I went to Mr. Cella to see if he could help me with my I-130 case. Every lawyer I went to before him told me that my case was hopeless. My husband was engaged to a girl before me and USCIS charged him with marriage fraud. The marriage fraud accusation caused for them to initially deny my case. To be very honest, I had very little hope that we would have an approved I-130 by Decemeber 2015 ( I was very happy to hear the good news!). At this time, we are hoping that the visa center will approve the case and he will be here by the summer. Not only is Mr. Cella and his caseworker, Sofia are great resources in regards to immigration issues but they have outstanding customer service. I remember Mr. Cella sitting me down and having an honest talk about the process of my case and the possible outcomes. He promised to try his very best and that is exactly what he did. If you are really looking for honesty, integrity, and humility, Mr. Cella and his team are the people to go to."


Immigration Client, NJ.

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