Florida Bill SB1718 was signed into law today by Governor Ron DeSantis just one day before Title 42 (a Trump era bill that makes it easier to expel undocumented aliens) is set to expire. Title 42 was enacted during the pandemic with the stated goal of keeping communicable diseases from spreading – especially Covid. Governor DeSantis and President Biden have not seen eye to eye regarding immigration issues in the past and the ending of Title 42 may fire up the number of undocumented people coming into the US.
Some of the SB1718 provisions include:
• Stricter requirements regarding the use of E-verify by employers to confirm employee citizenship
• Bans local governments from issuing ID cards if the holder cannot prove citizenship
• Confirms that out of state driver’s licenses for illegal aliens will not be honored in Florida.
• Makes hospitals that accept Medicaid ask about citizenship status on intake paperwork.
• Increases penalties for human trafficking
• Does not permit undocumented law school graduates from being accepted to the Florida bar.
The migrant transport program which has been largely dormant in recent months may be getting ready to start up again with the choosing of three vendors to allegedly help with the program. DeSantis previously flew a group of undocumented aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. Proponents of Title 42 say that ending it will create chaos at the border.