Green Card (and other immigration form) Costs May be Rising Late in 2023
The USCIS announced plans earlier this year to increase immigration application costs toward the end of 2023 and it looks like the increases will likely become reality.
Immigration forms can be complicated, and it is important that applicants plan ahead to deal with the forms and to save money in the short term. Work-related visa costs may increase as much as 130% with other applications showing significant increases. Across the board, the weighted average of fees may be about 40% with humanitarian related visas showing the smallest increases and work-related visas the highest.
The last significant increase in fees was in 2016. A court blocked another increase in 2020 and those changes were not implemented. Businesses were and are concerned regarding the increases and the USCIS seemed to be considering business objections in early 2022 and early 2023. Businesses and the public will not know the impact of the new fees until they are published, potentially in late 2023, with implementation expected in the 60 to 90 days following publication.