The H-1B visa for workers trying to enter the United States is the most sought after visa for working immigrants. The visa allows US employers to hire immigrants who have technical and/or theoretical skills and a large number of these workers come from China and India. These temporary workers have specialized skills and hold a least a Bachelors degree equivalent in their fields. Many of the approved workers are employed by technology companies. The H-1B is good for a cumulative period of up to six years with three years being the initial approval period and then up to three more years of extensions.
The volume of submitted documents has led the USCIS to announce that the H-1B visas have reached the maximum allowed (65,000) as well as the 20,000 allowed under the H-1B visa US advanced degree exemption, known as the master’s cap, for fiscal year 2023.
The USCIS will continue to process applications from current H-1B holders who are trying to extend their stays, change jobs or change the terms of their employment. “Non-selection” noticed are currently being sent, online, to appropriate applicants.