Colorado Removes Barriers for Illegal Immigrants to Live and Work
To make Colorado a more “equitable” place to live and work, Governor Jared Polis has signed measures to make access to housing, state benefits and jobs more accessible to undocumented workers.
About 3% of Colorado’s population is made up of undocumented workers who Polis says contribute skills and talents to the state. Opponents of the measures state that these measures funnel funding away from citizens who need the assistance and give it to those who are not here legally.
The most significant of the signed measures deals with housing allowing the now referred to, workers without authorization, to apply for and receive housing subsidies, vouchers and other related assistance. Applicants will not have to provide their immigration status.
Co-sponsor of the housing bill, Democratic State Rep. Dominique Jackson states, “the fact of the matter is that everybody deserves to be housed. I believe that housing is a basic human right.”
Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform objects to the new laws because funding will be taken away from already vulnerable groups such as homeless US military veterans.
Another objection comes from Dave Gorak, Executive Director of Wisconsin based Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration. He asks how our elected lawmakers, who are sworn to uphold our laws, can take these steps to reward illegal aliens?
The new laws become effective next January.