TPS, in the past, only applied to Venezuelans who entered the United States prior to March of 2021. The new redesignation allows Venezuelans the opportunity to live and work in the US legally if they arrived on or before July 31, 2023. The US has already granted TPS to approximately 242,000 Venezuelans and this new designation will apply to another 470,000.
The TPS designation was originally created to avoid deportation and assist those leaving their countries, or who were unable to return, due to unsafe conditions. The refugee crisis from Venezuela includes up to seven million refugees who have left over the past few years due to economic conditions and authoritarian rule. These refugees have primarily gone to other South American countries, especially Columbia, and the United States. The redesignation does not apply to those who are here illegally.
The current administration has faced pressure, especially from democratic run cities, to enable these immigrants to work in order to remove them from dependence on local tax funded local services. In addition to the redesignation, the validity period of some work permits may be extended from two to up to five years for some refugees. Application still needs to be made for the TPS status.