Due to continuing violence and abuse of basic human rights in Burma, as a result of the February 2021 military coup, a TPS extension is being offered to citizens of Burma in the United States. The extension may also apply to non-nationals who last resided in Burma. The extension will run from November 26, 2022 through May 25, 2024.
The extension of TPS for Burma allows approximately 970 current beneficiaries to retain TPS through May 25, 2024, so long as they continue to meet TPS eligibility requirements. Also, estimates are that up to 2,300 more people may be eligible for the status.
“The people of Burma are continuing to suffer a complex and deteriorating humanitarian crisis due to a military coup, upheaval, and security forces’ brutal violence against civilians,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas. “Under this extension and redesignation, Burmese nationals and habitual residents will be eligible to temporarily stay in the United States until conditions in the country improve and individuals can safely return.”
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