In 2020, President Trump changed the Citizenship Test and the new format was longer than previously and, some say, more difficult although the passage rate remained steady. When Joe Biden became President, one of the Executive Orders that he signed, was designed to “remove barriers to citizenship” and the citizenship tested reverted back to the 2008 version.
A new version, the 15 year update, is due out later next year and one of the changes is a new spoken language section which some say may lower the ability for many to pass the test. Currently the testing officer asks the applicant verbal questions regarding answers that he or she has already answered in writing. The new version
proposes to include a section which requires the applicant to describe everyday pictures using English.
Additionally, a change is being proposed to the civics portion of the test which will make the questions multiple choice instead of a single answer format.
The new test format will be tested during 2023 and will look for feedback from the public during the process. Currently, it is estimated that about 96% of applicants pass the test which is currently rated at a “high beginner” level. Some experts state that the US test is one of the easier citizenship tests when compared with other countries
such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.