U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a significant update regarding the validity of Form I-693, the Report of Immigration Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. Effective November 1, 2023, any Form I-693 that is properly completed and signed by a civil surgeon will not expire and can be used indefinitely. This serves as evidence that the applicant is not inadmissible to the U.S. on health-related grounds.
This change is a result of advancements in public health electronic notification systems and after consultations with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It allows these forms to maintain their evidentiary value without being limited to a specific time frame, provided they meet the criteria established from November 1, 2023, onwards.
USCIS officers, however, retain the discretion to request additional evidence or an updated Form I-693 if there is a belief that the applicant’s medical condition has changed since the initial examination or if the existing form does not accurately reflect the current medical condition of the applicant, potentially affecting their admissibility based on health grounds.
For medical examinations conducted prior to November 1, 2023, the previous guidelines still apply. Before this date, certain information did not need to be electronically reported to the CDC by civil surgeons. Forms signed by civil surgeons before this date will retain their validity for two years from the signing date, except for those filed under Operation Allies Welcome. Forms for Operation Allies Welcome parolees are valid for three years, in accordance with specific policy consultations with the CDC.
For more detailed information, refer to the updated guidance available in the USCIS Policy Manual, Volume 8, Part B, Chapter 4.