People say the first impression is the one that is worth the most and it is definitely true. I will try to explain my case as brief as possible but without omitting the importance of having been represented by Cella & Associates. In August of 2017 we went to the interview so that my husband could adjust his status and become a legal resident of this country, but unfortunately due to an error made at the time of filling out his application for the tourist visa, we caused his case to go to an attempt to revoke the request for adjustment of status. We decided to visit several lawyers but none of them showed that they could solve the inconvenience at that moment, finally we came to Mr. Cella’s law firm, and the first impression when talking to him and his group of assistants was: (this lawyer and his staff will win my case). They are competitive, dedicated, positive, organized, but most importantly with a human warmth. From the beginning they made us feel like part of the family, and I say family because it is the reality, they are people willing to give everything to achieve the goal they assure: TO WIN YOUR CASE. I especially want to thank Attorney Katrina Long who knew how to handle our case and all the time was willing to help us regardless of the language barrier. Lastly, we want to publicly thank Dr. Katrina long and Dr. Cella for their great job. You two are and will always be an important part of our lives because we owe them the legal stay in this country. If you have an immigration case that you think has no solution, it is the time for you to visit Cella & Associates because they make the impossible possible. Cella & Associates”