“Six years ago, I was facing deportation and desperately was searching for an attorney who would take my hopeless case. Numerous lawyers were not able to help me. I came to the Mr. Cella’s office preparing for the worst. Instead, he meticulously reviewed my case and agreed to work on it. As we were proceeding step by step, I found Mr. Cella to be exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. He is passionate and successful at the most difficult situations. For the six year period, he never missed any immigration appointment, was never late, and never filled out any paperwork incorrectly. He maintained excellent communication and was always supportive. His personality is bright, and he has an outstanding sense of humor. Mr. Cella is one of the most experienced and honest immigration attorneys. His reputation is great, and he is highly respected by colleagues and immigration judges. It was a long way from devastation to a Green Card status achievement. Every step was explained in detail, perfectly prepared and finalized with an anticipated outcome. Mr.Cella has performed an incredible job. 
My entire family became permanent residents with Mr. Cella’s help. 
Without reservation, I would recommend Mr. Cella to anyone who is straggling with an immigration issues.”