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Having practiced US immigration law for over 30 years, Cella & Associates, LLC (C&A) understands your immigration matters. Dedicated to providing the most exemplary representation in all aspects of immigration law, over the decades, we have learned that our client’s immigration status bears directly upon all other matters in their lives. Among the legal services C&A provides are in corporate immigration-related areas; family immigration cases, such as the role of Sharia and Nikinamas in US divorces, international child custody and abductions under the Hague Convention, and more; Worker’s Compensation; Personal Injury issues, and criminal defense cases that can impact one’s immigration status. At Cella & Associates, LLC, each attorney deeply understands immigration law and knows how much it matters in all aspects of our clients’ lives.

Practice Areas

Investment-Based Immigration
Worker's Compensation
Political Assylum
International Child Abduction
Family-Based Immigration
Car Acccident
U.S. Citizenship
Special Immigrant Abused Spouse, Child or Parent under VAWA
Employment-Based Immigration
Bankruptcy Law
Non-Immigrant Visa
Work Visas
Removal / Deportation Defense
Special immigration
Consular Matters
U Visas: Non-Immigrant Victims of Certain Crimes

What Clients Say

People say the first impression is the one that is worth the most and it is definitely true. I will try to explain my case as brief as possible but without omitting the importance of having been represented by Cella & Associates. In August of 2017 we went to the interview so that my husband could adjust his status and become a legal resident of this country, but unfortunately due to an error made at the time of filling out…

Alexander D.

Immigration Client, NJ

“To begin with, our review comes 5 months late. Mr Cella is a true professional and Five Stars Lawyer! He and his staff had incredible patience with me and my wife. It was quite complicated removal of conditions case, and I was at the point where I worried so much that I *really* started losing my marbles. Mr Cella took our case and handled it with exceptional integrity and professionalism. Challenging case? His attitude was: Bring it on! And so…

- Immigration Client.

“I had an amazing experience with Mr. Cella! He did a great job helping me to go through all the difficulties of my case and actually winning it! He is very honest, patient and professional! I am so glad I met the right person who could help me with all my immigration problems .Thank you so much for all the work you have done for me! I am defenetly recommending Mr. Joseph Cella! A gear lawyer and a great person!!!” 

Anna Skryabina

- Immigration Client, FL

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